A special journey
only few will ever take

Locating Sumba Island

There are daily flights from Bali airport (DPS),
and from Kupang Airport (KOE) to Waingapu Airport (WGP) in Sumba Island.

Please see below the flight schedule and airline options.

Bali to Sumba // Kupang to Sumba  ⋆

— by WINGS Air  • ETD Bali 14h40 → ETA Waingapu 16h20 (IW 1884)

— by WINGS Air  • ETD Kupang 15h10 → ETA Waingapu 16h20 (IW 1923)


⋆ Subject to changes

Sumba to Bali // Sumba to Kupang  ⋆

— by WINGS Air  • ETD Waingapu 06h35 → ETA Bali 08h10 (IW 1884)

— by WINGS Air  • ETD Waingapu 06h30 → ETA Kupang 07h40 (IW 1922)

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